What is drycleaning?

The "Dry Clean Only" process is cleaning your clothes in a special "Washing Machine" using a solvent with detergent instead of water with detergent. The process of using a solvent prevents your clothes from being exposed to water or large amounts of moisture which frequently causes wrinkling, shrinkage, dye bleeding, and loss of body and feel of fabric.

The solvents used in the drycleaning process have excellent degreasing properties. Therefore, the ability to remove greasy stains such as makeup, body oils, wax and oil from food is superior to an aqueous cleaning process. However, water soluble stains (beverages, perspiration, soil) generally require removal or pre-treatment before the cleaning process. Cleaning is then followed by a finishing process which may include steaming, ironing or pressing to restore clothing back to a "like new appearance" allowing your clothing to have a longer useful life.

How often should clothing be drycleaned?

How often clothing is drycleaned is a personal preference. Some people prefer dry cleaning after each wearing while others clean after several wearings. It is suggested that items be cleaned when:

•They will be stored or not worn for over a 1 month period (change of seasons).

•There are known stains that should be removed before they set in and cannot easily be removed.

•Lustre and appearance visibly needs to be restored with a fresh clean and press.